Nadia Sade (@Addicted2Nadia) – Addicted (Audio)


Looking at the petite framed Nadia Sade’ you probably won’t be prepared for the enormous amount of talent and beauty packed into this delicate

package. But be ready. The 4’11 singer/songwriter has some surprises in store for you. This Florida native offers the maturity and diverse musical styling of a seasoned veteran, but this young lady is just breaking on to the scene with a style and presentation all her own. Born and raised in Sarasota, Florida Nadia Sade’ now calls the Atlanta, GA her home.

Though she’s been singing since she was a young girl, it took many years to overcome her shyness and take the stage by storm. Working with a host of local artists she’s made a name for herself with her hook and songwriting skills alone but the time has come for Nadia Sade’ to move into the forefront.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist she is constantly at work on her music and strives to be the best. With musical influences of Aaliyah, Lauren Hill and the amazing Chaka Khan, Nadia Sade’ aims to bring something different to the industry with smash hits like “Let’s Go” & “let’s Go Remix” off of her upcoming EP “Best Kept Secret”.

The secret is out of the bag now as Nadia Sade’ moves into position to claim her right as this years breakout artist of the year. This dedicated young lady isn’t looking for a free ride, to the contrary she is prepared to earn her stripes in the game with lots of hard work and dedication to perfecting her craft. Nadia will be broadening her horizons and extending her hand to work with artists from around the world.

With a powerful voice that will blow you away, this little lady has more surprises in store. Diversity is her middle name as she is able to identify with her audience and deliver the perfect songs that every fan can identify with. She moves seamlessly from “Good Girl” ballads to “Naughty Girl” pop showing her diverse range of sounds and writing ability.

With her witty mind boggling lyrics and addictive melodic essence Nadia Sade’ Is sure to capture your ears, eyes and hearts. Stay Tuned…


Twitter: addicted2nadia

Instagram: nadi_girl




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