Sy Ari Da Kid (@SyAriDaKid) – 300 SPARTANS (Music Video)

Hold up……is this video really 10 minutes?! That was the first thought I had soon as the Youtube page loaded. Then I saw the list of names for all the rappers who are on the song and I damn near fainted because ATL is coming together. Think about it. When was the last time you saw this many people on one track from damn near the same city. Sy Ari got all these talented rappers on ONE song and I’m honestly blown away. I haven’t even pressed play yet.

I just pressed play and D-Dash just started spitting fire like a dragon, I don’t even know who he is but dude can spit. The beat was produced by Will A Fool, Big Fruit, Bobby Kritical, Y.I.B & Sy Ari Da Kid and you can hear a bit of everyone’s unique touch on the masterpiece they crafted. HOLD UP!!! I need Funk Flex to drop 100 bombs on this song! Someone tweet FunkMaster Flex this song and tell him we need 100 bombs!! Sy Ari just said “300 Spartans, leading in marches, Im swimming in women sleeping with Dolphins!” I don’t think yall are ready for this video man. If you’re a fan of quality street music then Christmas came early for you. Sy Ari went off like an alarm clock and woke up all the folks who’ve been sleeping on so far, including myself.

Let’s talk about the visuals for a second. Directed by @BPaceProduction & @DontellAntonio, these two visionaries channeled their inner Antoine Fuqua and made a gritty yet stunning major motion picture in just 10 minutes. This song features a verse from D Dash, Translee, Verse Simmonds, Que, K. Camp, Stuey Rock, Tha Joker, Jose Guapo, Chaz Gotti, Bo Deal, Bambino Gold, Dae Dae, Doe Boy, Scotty ATL, Issa, John John Da Don, Fly Guy Veto, Migos, Tabius Tate, Zuse, Kidd Kidd, Nyemiah Supreme, Jacquees, Retro Jace (Two9) & Fort Knox. Only thing missing is the kitchen sink.

You can hear “300 Spartans” on Sy Ari’s all new Ultrasound 2 The Birth mixtape. Check out the major motion visual for “300 Spartans” and let me know what y’all think.

Izzy M.


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