High $ociety (@ZayDontTweet @JerZ_RRR) – That’s My Word [Prod. By ADOTHEGOD X TRAPPA]


First single off the highly-anticipated debut mixtape from JerZ and Zay Ca$h, the “trap-hop” duo that is High $ociety. Together they skillfully bridge the gap between North and South rap with this street anthem.

The High $ociety crew, made up of @ZayDontTweet & @JerZ_RRR), are back to feed the streets with a new banger called “That’s My Word” and it’s nothing short of fantastic. First off ADOTHEGOD & TRAPPA must of tapped into a higher power when they crafted this beat. They must have made this beat on the moon because it’s out of this world. The High $ociety crew take advantage of the blessing and proceed to rip the beat to shreds as they rhyme about all the balling ass shit they do on a regular basis, and how they don’t have any time for haters. Truth be told I don’t either. Do your life a favor and play “That’s My Word” now!

Izzy M. The Best Writer Alive


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