Familur Max (@Familurmax) – One Time


South Carolina native, born and bred, Familur Max is known for his distinct style and presence. He possesses talent and musical passion that he adapted at an early age. He always knew he stood out of a crowd with his unique style and looks and that the entertainment world was not too far off. Although music has always been in his blood, Max didn’t take full advantage of his talent until high school. While finding himself as an artist he enrolled in acting and modeling classes to help express himself as an entertainer and appeal to the public. Max also had the opportunity to open up for artists such as Nicki Manaj, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Ace Hood, as well as perform at college step shows and homecomings.

Growing up in the 90’s Familur was influenced by numerous rappers in the game such as; Jay Z, Biggie, Nas, Ludacris, and Outcast, to name a few. Using management skills he, along with fellow rapper J-S0, created a new movement for their younger generation of peers called the Born to Fly Movement. In this movement rappers J-S0 and Familur Max have been able to redefine grinding until you reach the stars. It has influenced many other young aspiring artist in the community.

The two have came together on numerous projects going by the name of Young Fam. Young Fam has had the opportunity to have live appearances on live radio shows, and mixtapes. They are currently on Datpiff and Live Mixtapes, and have over 100,000 channel views on YouTube. Their social media following is though the roof with fans that support their music, and they have songs that get continuous play over the radio waves in their area.

Currently working on the EP titled “Get Familur” which is Max’s first solo project. The EP is scheduled to drop top of 2014.

Instagram- Familur Max


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