Blvd Marc (@BlvdMarc) – FUMBLE – (Prod. By @DjPlugg)

#FaceCardBattle Winner 3/23/2014


Blvd Marc is back to feed the streets with a brand new banger titled “Fumble” that was produced by the one and only DJ Plugg. First thing that caught my ear is the beat because it sounds so familiar, i feel like I’ve heard it before. But that’s not to take away anything from Plugg because he still did his thing and crafted the perfect wave for Blvd Marc to surf on. The homey spits line after line educating suckers on what he considers to be a fumble, like getting the sack and still ending up broke. Where they do that at? Check out the all new “Fumble” single and let us know what you think down below.

Twitter : @BlvdMarc , @DJPlugg

Izzy M. The Best Writer Alive


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