Aaron Johnson (@RayAaronJ) f/ Dru (@Dru_B_Dru) – “My Ego” (Music Video)

#FaceCardBattle Winner 3/ 23/2014

Aaron Johnson might be a relative unknown right now but that’s probably gonna change very soon with the release of his brand new visual for his “My Ego” single, produced by @Dru_B_Dru. Directed by the talented @DGainzBeats, the all new video features Aaron Johnson going through life using his confidence/ego as a shield against all naysayers and haters. And we all know there’s quit a few of those out there. What really impressed me about the song and video is the fact that it was so well put together. You can easily tell @DGainzBeats got his Steven Spielberg and wanted to make a video that stood out instead of another stereotypical visual filled with boats and hoes. Not that I don’t enjoy both those things. Check out the new video down below and let us know what you think.

Shot by @DGainzBeats
Twitter: @RayAaronJ @Dru_B_Dru @DGainzBeats

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