Simba (@Only_simba) – No Games (Official Video)

You know a lot of rappers always talk about how they started making music at a very young age but it’s very rare to see a young person making quality music with substance, unless your name is Simba. Yea I know what you’re thinking and no it’s not that Simba. The Simba I’m referring to is a 15 year old spitter who just dropped the visual to his “No Games” single, lifted off his upcoming mixtape P.R.I.D.E. Don’t let Simba’s age fool you because the young homey Simba is snapping on the beat like his uncle Scar just threw his pops off a cliff. R.I.P Mufasa we haven’t forgot about you. The beat Simba is rapping on is ice cold too so shout out to the producer because he laced homey with a beat that any rapper would love to rhyme over. Hell I don’t rap and I was freestyling to the beat. SON IS 15 AND RAPPING BETTER THAN ARTISTS TWICE HIS AGE! Check out Simba’s new banger “No Games,” you wont regret it.

Izzy M. The Best Writer Alive


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