Redlite – Brave New World feat. Curt Strike (Prod. Nessly)


“Brave New world” is a motivational anthem off of Redlite second mixtape JoyxPainxRain due out March 20th. The song features Curt strike and myself (Stay Flexing), It’s produced by Nessly ( @Nessly24k ) with a few add-in’s from Justin Padron (10 Pc Mild, Don’t be S.A.F.E.) Redlite named the song “Brave New World” after the Aldous Huxley novel, about a “Savage” trying to find his path in the futuristic world around him because he found his story similar to that of people with creative talent’s that have adapted with the recent advent of technology and social media to become successful.

The Cover Art for JoyxPainxRain is completely Hand drawn by VA art prodigy Jermaine Perrine ( @OhNoItsJermaine)
Twitter: @Bruc3wayn3, @Nessly24k


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